Regional innovation cluster Gyeonggi Technopark

Solving Technological Problems of SMEs

Gyeonggi Province has the biggest population of 12 million people in Korea, and about 92,000 manufacturing firms (about 28% of firms in nationwide). The province is located in the heart of Korea, having played a central role of boosting up Korean industry for several decades. Main streams of high tech in Gyeonggi Province are semi-conductors, IT, robotics-mechatronics, bio, auto parts, renewable energy and etc.

The investment amount of R&D fund nationwide in 2012 was about 55 billion dollars, and 45% of the entire R&D fund (25 billion dollars) were invested in Gyeonggi Province. It is mainly because major big companies such as Samsung, LG are located in Gyeonggi Province.

There are more than 17,000 SMEs in the Smart Hub National Industrial Complex which is located in Ansan and Shiheung cities, and 300,000 people are working for them. Its annual output is up to 84 billion dollars. However, most of the companies are subcontracted to big companies and make ordered items only. With this reason, they have little experience and capabilities at R&D and marketing, and it ends up hindering their growth.

To support these enterprises, GTP was eastablished. Since starting its service in 1998, Gyeonggi Technopark has provided specialized programs for small and medium sized businesses in order to enhance their business capabilities. For example, when SMEs need to accelerate their scales of business and technical abililties, R&D funds, training, marketing and management tools have been provided by GTP. Overseas marketing, design development of new products, international certifications, and many other needs of SMEs have been met by GTP셲 customized programs.

> Techno Doctor program for solving technological problems The Techno Doctor Program is for solving technological problems of SMEs so that they can enhance their competitiveness and create more jobs. By providing resources, including specialized expertise and equipment from universities and research institutes, the techno doctor program solves technological problems. Technology experts act as "techno doctors" to visit companies, evaluate their sites, analyze their business management and technology, and offer practical solutions to working problems.

> Running branch offices for strategic regions The branch offices of GTP offer supportive programs for balanced growth of remote areas of Gyeonggi Province.
Northwest Branch (Goyang, Gimpo, Paju) 02-3158-6536~8 South Branch (Yongin, Pyeongtaek, Anseong) 031-889-4762