Regional innovation cluster Gyeonggi Technopark



Outline of ASV

To lead regional industry by building up Technological Innovation Cluster
with Industry-Academia-Research-Gow. cooperation
GTP Complex & Hanuang Univ. Campus
Land Area : 2,185,240m2
GTP, HYU, KTL, KITECH, KERI, LG Innotek, KIOST, RRI(8 membes)
R&D, Business Incubation, Education & Training, Test/Certification,
Technology Transfer & IPR, Network, Facilities/Equiment, etc
R&D, Business Incubation, Education & Training, Test/Certification,
Technology Transfer & IPR, Network, Facilities/Equiment, etc
Electronics/IT, Bio, Mechatronics/Rootics, Auto Parts, Green Tech,
Pharmaceuticals, Fine Chem
Man power
G3,966 persons (Master, Ph, D : 2,190 persons)

ASV is an innovation cluster made by network of GTP neighboring institutions to accelerate regional development. Ansan Science Valley(ASV) brand was finally launched in 2009. ASV is to lead regional industry by building up Technological innovation cluster with industry, academia, research institutes and government in Ansan. Its location is GTP complex and HYU campus. ASV Members are GTP, HYU, KTL, KITECH, KERI, LG, KIOST, RRI, tenant companies and etc. There are 4,000 people working in ASV and about 2,000 people have masters or doctors degrees.

In January 2009, the CEOs of GTP, HYU, LG, KTL, KITECH, and KERI gathered together to name the cluster and decided to be named as "Ansan Science Valley." In April 2009, all 6 CEOs and the governor of Gyeonggi Province made an MOU to promise mutual collaborations among the community members. After several years of individual works by the member institutions, Ansan Science Valley(ASV) was finally launched in 2009 as a network community of businesses, academia, research institutions and public administrators in Ansan

> knowledge community with the assets as follows;

  • - 200 tenant companies
  • - 4,000 People (2,200 people with masters and doctors degree)
  • - Cluster members : GTP, HYU, KTL, KITECH, KERI, LG Innotek, KIOST, RRI
  • - Land area : 2,185,240m2
  • - Equipments for public use : 2,807 pieces
  • - R&D : 1,885
  • - IPR : 4,890
  • - Technology Transfer : 159

> Service programs provided to SMEs are as follows;

  • - Business incubation (GTP, HYU, KITECH)
  • - Research & development (GTP, HYU, KITECH, KERI, LG, KIOST, RRI)
  • - Education & training (HYU, GTP, KTL)
  • - Certification, testing & calibration services (KTL, KERI, KITECH)
  • - Technology transfer & IPR (GTP, HYU, KERI, KITECH, KIOST, RRI)
  • - Networking services between academia and business to draw technological innovation (All Members)
  • - Facilities such as office space and equipments for regional enterprises (All Members)

Gyeonggi Technopark

  • 705, Haean Ro, Sangnok-gu, Ansan, Gyeonggi Prov. Korea 426-901
  • TEL : +82-31-500-3000 / FAX :+82-31-500-3033
  • Complex Space : 200,000m2 (includes 3 research institutes) Building Space
  • Technology Development Center : 20,828.72m2
  • Pilot Plants : 10,939.22m2
  • Business Service Center : 8,726m2
  • Center for Specialized Technology : 13,143m2

Hanyang University

  • 55 Hanyangdaehak Ro, Sangnok-gu, Ansan, Gyeonggi Prov. Korea 426-791
  • TEL : +82-31-400-5114
  • Campus Space : 1,320,000m2
  • Cluster Zone : 330,000m2 (Including GTP, KTL, KITECH, KERI, LG & ERICA)

Korea Testing Lab

  • 723 Haean Ro, Sangnok-gu, Ansan, Gyeonggi Prov. Korea 426-910
  • TEL : +82-31-5000-114
  • FAX : +82-31-5000-333
  • Space : 32,511m2
  • Building Space : 17,717m2

KTL made a contract with Ansan City on May, 2002 for establishment of Ansan testing & research center (Ansan operation center) in Gyeonggi Technopark, and completed to build total 4 laboratories (with investment of USD30M) such as electromagnetic waves testing lab, standard testing lab, dynamic testing lab, general testing lab in 19,830m2 of land in 2006.

- Lectromagnetic waves testing lab.

  • Electromagnetic waves testing projects(10m chamber)

- General testing lab.

  • Quality certification project
  • Reliability improvement projects for parts and materials
  • Environmental technology support project
  • Administration support

- Standard testing lab.

  • Standard measurement projects (334kinds out of 22 categories)

- Dynamic testing lab.

  • Technical support project for machinery parts
  • Quality certification project for the lift

KITECH (Korea Institute of Industrical Technology)

  • 143 Hanggaul Ro, Sangnok-gu, Ansan, Gyeonggi Prov. Korea 426-171
  • TEL : +82-31-8040-6114
  • FAX : +82-31-8040-6040
  • Space : 46,200m2
  • Building Space : 20,930m2
  • Research and Support Activities

- Technical Textile & Materials R&BD Group

  • Prototype fabrication, function, and reliability test technology support for industrial fibers, yarns, textiles, and cloth dying

- ICT Textile & Apparel R&BD Group

  • High-tech functional-fiber technology development and commercialization

- Robotics R&BD Group

  • Build and operate support system to commercialize intelligent robots

- Micro/Nanoscale Manufacturing R&BD Group

  • Ultra-precision nanoconvergence processing technology development and commercialization

- IT Convergence Process R&BD Group

  • Manufacturing/operation management and convergence process optimization technology development and commercialization

- Human and Culture Convergence Technology R&BD Group

  • Wellness-system core technology development and commercialization

- Korean Packaging Center

  • Knowledge-based high-value-added Korean packaging development and commercialization

KERI(Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute)

  • 111, Hanggaul-ro, Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, 426-170
  • TEL : +82-31-8040-4114
  • FAX : +82-31-8040-4099
  • Space : 30,000m2
  • Building Space : 14,000m2

- Power Telecommunication Research

  • KERI has developed integrated energy and communication network technologies likesmart grid ICT, intelligent power telecom munication networks and broadband conver-gence networks for the smart power grid.
  • Major Research Initiatives
  • · Smart grid ICT and energy web systems
  • · Smart energy home grids / Home area networks
  • · Next generation power line communications technology
  • · Industrial wired / wireless signal sensing & application technology
  • Tel : +82-31-8040-4121, E-mail :

- Advanced Medical Device Research Center

  • KERI is striving to become a world leader in inno-vative medical science and engineering for futurehealth care to improve public safety and quality oflife. It has likewise been collaborating with hospi-tals and businesses to accelerate interdisciplinarymedical device research and development.

- Major Research Initiatives

  • · Next generation digital medical imaging diagnos-tic systems for early cancer detection
  • · Digital X-ray sensor, Carbon nano-tube(CNT)based X-ray sources, Radiation therapy systems
  • · Laser induced fluorescence and interference diag-nostic systems, U-health systems, Biomedicaloptics
  • · THz wave diagnostic and E-beam projection tech-nology
  • · Wireless power delivery systems for medical andindustrial applications
  • Tel : +82-31-8040-4100, E-mail :

LG InnoTek R&D Institute

  • 55 Hanyangdae Ro, Sangnok-gu, Ansan, Gyeonggi Prov. Korea 426-791
  • TEL : +82-31-436-7000
  • FAX : +82-31-436-7990
  • Space : 20,400m2
  • Building Space : 21,300m2

LG Innotech is a pioneering materials and components company who is making a better world through cutting edge core component technology that is leading the market and opening a smarter future through the development of new eco-friendly materials.

- In the house - DISPLAY

  • Tuner, Power Module - High Efficiency & Sensitivity
  • Tape Substrate, Photo Mask - High Resolution
  • LED BLU - High Brightness
  • Ultra Slim, Smart TV Camera

- On the road - AUTOMOTIVE

  • Telematics
  • ABS Motor - High Safety
  • EPS Motor, Torque Angle Sensor - High Efficiency
  • BMS, Traction Motor - Eco Friendly
  • AFLS Actuator, LED Lighting - High Convenience

- In your hand - MOBILE

  • Camera Module, Touch Window, Ultra Slim, Build-up PCB, Package Substrate - High Performance
  • LED Flash

- In the world - LED LIGHTING

  • LED Lighting Module Engine, Street Module


  • 426-744 Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology, 787 Hean-ro(st).
  • Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
  • TEL : +82-31-400-6000
  • FAX : +82-31-408-5820

KIOST plays a major role in realizing a dream of becoming a prosperous ocean nation through innovative and leading ocean
research and development in fundamental and applied ocean science and technology

To perform basic and applied research to promote the efficient use of coastal and ocean resources
To undertake comprehensive surveys and studies of Korea's seas and open oceans
To conduct scientific research in polar and tropical regions, especially in Antarctica and south Pacific
To develop technologies related to the coastal & harbor engineering, ships & ocean engineering, and maritime safety
To support and cooperate with other government agencies, universities and private industries towards the
development of marine resources and the protection of the ocean environment
To coordinate and participate in the international cooperation concerning oceanographic research projects

RRI (Rural Research Institute)

  • 426-908 #870, Haean Ro, Sangnok Gu, Ansan
  • TEL : +82-31-400-1700
  • FAX : +82-31-409-6055

RRI plays a leading role as a think tank for rural development over the past 50 years by actively reading and responding trends in advance. RRI makes an effort to suggest effective alternative for the rural affairs especially on increasing farmers income and competitiveness and the quality of living conditions. Since rural community is facing challenges due to climate change and agricultural trade liberalization, RRI strives to promote the development in agricultural and fishery sector through research and practical application in long term perspectives.