Regional innovation cluster Gyeonggi Technopark

Business Management

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> Providing general support on intellectual property As new technologies and ideas are created everyday, management on intellectual property becomes important to do business. GTP provides consulting services for SMEs to manage intellectual property matters such as patents, designs and branding. Services include intensive consulting, expenses for application and expert consulting, and IP education.

> Training in online marketing and internet shopping mall management Online business has become extremely important tool for any business. GTP provides training schedules for creating and managing internet shopping mall and SNS. Many small business owners receive support in virtually every aspect of internet business operations. SMEs receive support in key areas such as photography, web site upgrades, and so on. GTP also holds special contracts with SNS sales platforms and support SMEs with gaining entry into prestigious online shops with lower sales commission.

> CEO forum CEO forum (training) opens as 16 week session, twice a year for manufacturing company owners and executives. It is aimed to network among CEOs and to provide knowledge on business administration, innovation, and marketing.

> Customized consulting program (Contact Center) Contact Center program is to help companies solve current problems in operating their businesses. In order to solve business problems in business administration, tax, design, IP, technology transfer, marketing, export, etc, GTP sends its staff and experts to sites of companies and give consulting for solutions.

> University student-SMEs exchange program Regional SMEs are not recognized as good working places to university students. Students want to work for global companies without enough information on SMEs, and SMEs have difficulties to hire right persons. The program is for students to have chances to visit the site of SMEs and to understand SMEs better.