Regional innovation cluster Gyeonggi Technopark

Supporting Strategically Important Industries

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> Green Energy and Environment Businesses based on technologies of renewable energy or energy efficiency could approach supportive programs such as expert consulting on green certificates, subsidies for making prototypes, participating fairs and acquiring international certificates. Province of Gyeonggi and GTP select excellent green energy companies and award them.

Environment industry grows 9% annually world-wide and its potential to widen its global market is more optimistic than ever. Environment industry includes the technologies and services on water, air and waste. GTP offers services of general consulting on business and marketing to them. Annually GTP selects excellent environment businesses and support them to explore overseas (especially China and South-eastern Asia) markets.

> ICT (IoT, Contents, Big Data, Mobile) Global markets have experienced a huge paradigm shift leaded by ICT within only a decade. ICT makes our daily life more convenient and mobile. The directions of generating new markets with ICT are actually infinite and unlimited. There is a huge value-chain in the whole ICT businesses, and GTP understands that ICT industries can be Korea셲 new growth engine when SMEs could play a leading role in the newly-set market game. GTP co-works with universities and SMEs together in order to form a smart eco-system where global smart device manufacturing companies as marketing platform, product-making SMEs as new product makers, and software programmers work together. GTP provides information on new market strategies, co-working projects with universities and co-marketing with global companies to SMEs.

> Basic industries The program is to enhance competitiveness of Gyeonggi Province셲 basic technologies such as casting, plating, welding, molding, plastic working, metal finishing, and heat treatment. Due to the fact that basic industries determine the quality and performance of any final products, manufacturing innovation in basic industry sites is a necessity in the program. Thus, the program provides manufacturing innovation platform with IT convergence and test analysis to secure reliability of manufacturing products.