Regional innovation cluster Gyeonggi Technopark


Technoparks (hereafter, TP) were started in 1998 by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy(MOTIE), as a five-year project. The main initiators for TPs' births along with the MOTIE were academia, regional governments and industry. TPs were born with the mission of diminishing the problems caused by economic developments done for the past few decades. At first, six places were chosen to operate the TP project. GTP was one of them. After the five-year projects, the MOTIE established 10 more new TPs in other areas since the outcome of running 6 TPs was great. Currently we have all 18 TPs in Korea.
With the government's decentralization policy, TPs have been the core pivotal institutions to lead regional technology innovation. The central government enacted a special law for TPs in 1998 and supported TPs in multi-dimensional ways.
One of the special supports by the government is giving additional points of benefits to TPs when TPs apply for participating in the government's projects. The central government also helped TPs to organize its own association where the entire 18 TPs have joined to work together.

History of GTP

1997. 12
GTP was designated as one of 6 model technoparks by the MOTIE.
1998. 09
TP started its projects officially, opening its administration office and incubating space at Hanyang University, Ansan.
Hanyang University offered the space free until GTP completed to build its own complex.
The first 26 enterprises moved into the incubating space.
The space of 100,000㎡ were secured for complex building.
The lease agreement (10-year free lease) was made between Hanyang University as landlord and GTP as tenant.
2000. 09
The ECRC (Electronic Commerse Resourse Center) opened to support SMEs with e-business info and solution
GTP started constructing the complex.
The lease agreement (10-year free lease) was made between GTP as sub landlord and KTL
(Korea Testing Lab) as sub-tenant.
The lease agreement (20-year free lease) was made between GTP as sub landlord and KITECH
(Korea Institute of Industrial Technology) as sub-tenant.
2003. 05
GTP changed its name from Ansan Technopark to Gyeonggi Technopark to widen its projects toward the greater Gyeonggi Province.
The complex Opened in May 29.
2003. 10
Governor of Gyeonggi Province was inaugurated as Chair of the board.
The lease agreement (20-year free lease) was made between GTP as sub-landlord and KERI
(Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute)
2003. 11
Gyeonggi Technology Transfer Center opened.
2005. 12
Gyeonggi IPR (Intellectual Property Right) Center opened.
The ground-breaking ceremony of the 'RIT Center' was held.
The national research institutes of KTL, KITECH and KERI completed building construction and moved into their buildings.
2008. 09
The RIT (Robot & IT) Center opened, and GTP commemorated the 10th Anniversary.
2008. 10
GTP acquired ISO 9001 in Technology Development Support (The first TP in the country)
2009. 04
The Techno Doctor program was commenced
2012. 05
GTP Northwest Branch opened
2013. 06
GTP Southern Branch opened
2013. 09
The 2020 Vision of GTP was declared